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Advances in Cartography and GIScience of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 4
07 Aug 2023
 | 07 Aug 2023

Integrating spatial analytics in power system planning techniques for the green energy transition

Keagen Liebenberg and Sanjian Malapermal

Keywords: energy transition, spatial analysis, renewable energy, PyQGIS, green energy transition

Abstract. Fossil fuel energy generation contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions globally. Energy transition towards sustainable, low-carbon energy needs to occur. South Africa has pledged to achieve a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 and in-line with this energy transition. The country has implemented the Renewable Energy Independent Power Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) to promote private investment within the energy sector. As new capacity is constructed, it requires the national grid to move from a vertically integrated passive power model to a deregulated active power flow due to the distributed sources of energy. In this paper, a method for connecting distributed power producers is introduced by providing candidate locations for Network Planners to develop insights for optimal placement of collector stations that connect multiple power producers in an orderly manner onto the electrical grid. This method uses buffer distances and Voronoi polygons from the stations on the national grid in order for the power producers to be aggregated and assigned connection to a collector station. Furthermore, this paper proposes a model for potential power producers that allows Network Planners to adequately plan for future grid access applications.

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